Q And A

Where can i get the short order ep besides myspace?
Crates: Seriously, make more music as The Lab Rats. There’s no reason you can’t do both.

Crates: Hotel Eden isn’t bad, but it doesn’t hold a candle to your work as The Lab Rats.

Crates: I know this not only because Tyler knows this, but also from direct experience:

Crates: The goddess Pandora saw fit to shine the light of “Devil’s Train” upon me.
AJ: Also, hope you can someday get back together.

AJ: You guys are great! I heard ‘Devil’s Train’ and I think it is absolutely great!

MC Hato: Pandora.com suggested the lab rats to me! love it! expecially ‘Fluid’

felixthecat: yo, we need the lyrics anywhere… plz puppy eyes
wicked ways 333: looking 4 ev
Pat: I’m glad I got to see you in December and that you took part in pat radio. Thanks.

Mike: You guys will be missed
Johanna: Just discovered your music. I needed new tunes… Thank you!

Jim: You guys rock. I too wish you had the lyrics up here. Link love?
ryan: hey athens dudes! We just booked another show in athens.

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